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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some photo's of my Gutenberg Bible binding work.

Some photo's of my Gutenberg Bible binding work....

All photo's are Copyright ©2008-2013.


Cutting & Filing the Solid Brass Clasps

A Landscape Photo of A Front Cover

Hand-filing of the Solid Wooden Boards

Dressing-out the Inside Hinge Area
of the Wooden Boards

Myself Signing The Opening of My Exhibition
at The Gutenberg  Museum

One of My Blind-tooled Alum-Tawed Pigskin Covers
NOTE*  The tooling on the pigskin is supposed to be 
un-mitered, and "free-style."

The "First Five" Sets (2008)

A Set On Display

The Handmade Sewing Cord


  1. Wow,Master!!!
    I realized that I need to learn how to deal with wood and metal if I want to be a true binder.

  2. Dear huhu ~ Thank you very much, but you [already ARE] a true bookbinder! I appreciate your book works very much, ~ Michael