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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gutenberg Publishers of New York, New York

We've installed the Bookeye4/V1A book and document scanner at Gutenberg Publishers in New York City!

The Bookeye4/V1A is the latest cutting-edge technology in book and document scanners! Made in Germany, this new model (with all it's phenomenal bell & whistles) was just released this Spring 2013.

How does this machine relate to my "Journey" as a bookbinder?... Part of my journey has always been in recreating rare books ~ the TEXT + BINDING STYLE. This machine allows us to scan and reproduce any rare book or document up to 35.5 Inches X 25.5 Inches. Which means we can even scan  "Elephant Folio's!"

Here is a beauty shot of our new machine!  Isn't she pretty?? But we have to come up with a name yet! :-)

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