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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making History ~ My Life in Recreating Historic Books. 

by Michael L. Chrisman

Many people have emailed me this year asking for details about my upcoming book, Making History ~ My Life in Recreating Historic Books [Copyright ©2013]. I have mentioned this upcoming book in a few places over the last many months, and I'm very excited about the official announcement that will be coming soon. I have written many books over the last seven years, but have held off bringing any of them to print because (like most authors) I fear I will forget something that should have been included! So while I have manuscripts ready to go for my restoration books [on the basics] for leather & cloth, plus somewhat of an auto-biography, its time to debut one of them, and I've chosen "Making History ~ My Life in Recreating Historic Books" as the first book to print and offer. Why, you might ask?, because this aspect of my work is what I've always held most dear, and have always been best known for.

"Making History"  is not an instruction manual. Rather, it outlines the amazing creation of seven (7) of the most enjoyable historic facsimile-replica books in my career, meaning, the interesting details that were involved in their making, plus many, many photos! These projects were intense, expensive. It's not an easy task to create small editions of facsimile~replicas of books. Especially when they involve custom made leathers, custom made papers, printing plates, etc, etc. See my website for my philosophy on what a successful facsimile~replica book actually is >>>

My Gutenberg Bible facsimile~replica project is also included in my book Making History. 

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